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My sincere gratitude to the women who generously and thoughtfully collaborated with me on this project:

Barbara MacDonald, Manisha Solomon, Diana Macadorey, Barbara Galbraith,

Sherri Gidney, Laurel Matwichuk Broski, Heather Davidson, Kim Desing-McCardle,

Debbie Beaudoin, Joanne Burtch, Elaine Jenkins, Michele Voelkner,

Melanie Sebastianelli, Cindy Katz,  Margaret Trias, and Krista Whittard.

Hover over the photos on the desktop version for more.

Click the photos on the mobile version for more.

Trish Crawford is a Canadian photographer based in Niagara, Ontario.


This work-in-progress began in January  2023. What you see here is the result of the first six months of work. This project was the culminating project for a two-year-long MA in photography through the Institute of Photography at Falmouth University, England.


If you are a woman aged 45-65 living in Southern Ontario and would like to participate in this project, please contact me through the feedback form on this website.  

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